The plan to build a house

Building the house of his dreams is a long-term project; after the choice of land, that of the type of construction of the house and the materials, remains to be established the construction plans of the house. A very delicate operation...

The necessary steps to successfully build a home

You don't have to be a great architect to understand that plans just have primal when it comes to house building! These are the plans that will establish the space and organization of the house according to the different rooms of the house, according to our choices.

So there is no question of getting started, you have to be methodical and meticulous. After choosing the type and style of our house (wooden house on the ground or industrial house with floor?).
We will start by listing all the rooms we wish to have in the house, and the desired surface for each: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms (bathroom and toilet), as well as complementary rooms (dressing, workshop, laundry room, office, room for the hot water balloon...).

We will add up all the surfaces of the rooms, adding 10% (for corridors, landings, etc.) in order to obtain the target surface of the house. We make sure that we have not seen things too big compared to what is allowed to build on our land.

The different types of house building plans needed

You would think that to build your house, you only need one plan. Error! For a proper construction, one must establish:
  • The situation plan, in order to determine the place of the house on the ground
  • The development plan, more precise, which indicates the access roads to the house, the vegetation around ...
  • The façade plan, which describes the house as a whole
  • The cutting plan, which shows the interior of the house, as if the façade had been removed
  • Technical plans (electricity, plumbing...)
  • The plan to build a house: who draws it?

When we talk about "making the plan to build a house," we often ignore the many possibilities we have to achieve this. Indeed, one can:
  • Use an architect or design office for tailor-made plans, when you want to adapt your home to the land, or simply have aesthetic preferences.
  • Choose a house building plan on a catalogue, which will be chosen from previous works of architects, builders or building companies.
  • Make your own home plans, whether by hand or with 3D software that can be found for free on the net.