Tv wall support: what's the best in 2019? (Comparative)

September 01, 2019

After spending hours looking for your new 4K TV, you want to hang your new screen on the wall of your living room. In order to avoid long hours of searching, we have selected the best wall TV media.

1. Vogel's WALL 3325 TV 40'' - 65'', high-end support

Thanks to its strong bindings and VESA compatibility, Vogel's WALL TV wall holder makes it easy to install 40-inch to 65-inch screens. Its installation is also facilitated by the presence of a pre-mounted support and all the necessary elements, including a notice and an online installation video.

Recliner and swivel

To deliver the best of the screen's capabilities, this TV wall holder tilts up or down to 20 degrees and rotates from a maximum angle of 120 degrees to the right or left. This allows him to limit the annoying reflections and enjoy the broadcast of his program from any point of the piece. With a folding arm, Vogel's WALL support is also capable of deploying 32 centimetres from the wall.

Compatible with all recent screens

Compatible with veSA, it is therefore capable of attaching any VESA screen of a size between 40 and 65 inches and weighing up to 30 kg. This includes televisions from most brands on the market and screens in all categories: LED, OLED, HDTV, 4K, LCD, etc.

Our review of Vogel's WALL 3325

Both solid and easy to install, Vogel's WALL 3325 TV wall holder is suitable for 40-65-inch screens, or between 101 and 165 centimetres. An augmented reality application is also planned to facilitate its installation and determine the best position to fix it.

2.Invision TV support, excellent value for money

In search of a basic but complete model of TV wall support, moviegoers can only be interested in Invision XL support. Thin and discreet, it attaches easily to the wall and offers VESA compatibility, which means it can accommodate all the latest tv models. It also consists of a very sturdy double arm that can withstand a heavy load.

Support for basic features

No tilt, rotation or arm-articulated possibilities on this model, but a simple screen support. Because with its value for money, this TV invision support is quite simple. It attaches easily to the wall using screws (included) and holds the screen firmly. It allows installation as close as possible to the wall to camouflage the cables and provide a perfect visual result.

VESA-enabled support

The other advantage of this discounted TV medium is its compatibility with all TVs equipped with VESA fastener holes, which makes it much easier to install the screen. Suitable for all TV sizes between 17 and 40 inches, it is capable of carrying a load of up to 25 kg.

Our review of Invision TV Support

Once installed on its Invision TV holder, the screen finds its place in the living room. And with its robustness, reduced price and ease of installation, it is arguably the best value model on the market today.

3. Ricoo R23, the editorial choice

Ideal for saving space by attaching your TV screen directly to the wall, the Ricoo R23 TV support model is versatile. It can also accommodate a computer screen. Very solid and discreet, it allows to combine design and practicality, but is quite heavy because of its manufacture of laminated steel. It therefore requires the presence of two people during its installation.

A swivel TV stand

Unlike more basic models, the Ricoo R23 rotates. It is therefore possible to steer it easily at 180 degrees. But it is also reclining and offers an angle of 15 degrees. This allows the user to watch the television with the best possible direction. Capable of carrying a 95 kg load, it is also very robust and durable.

VESA compatibility

Also compatible with veSA, the Ricoo R23 can therefore support all recent screens themselves equipped with holes setting this standard. Internationally recognized, this standard offers the assurance of not making a mistake when buying and of offering perfect compatibility. Any type of screen finds its place, including curved models or smaller screens.

Our review of the Ricoo R23

Versatile, the Ricoo R23 TV wall support offers good value for money. Because durable and very secure, it offers good maintenance of all types of recent screens, including curved models or small PC screens at a very reasonable price.

4. Cheetah Mounts APLCMB, the support that clings to the ceiling

The Cheetah Mounts APLCMB TV wall holder stands out from the competition with its lifetime warranty. Designed to last and maintain the screen attached to it, it is also swivelling and reclining. But quite heavy, it needs to be installed on a rigid and resistant support.

A reclining and swivelling wall support

Pivoting to a 90-degree angle, this wall support model allows you to orient the screen attached to it to find the best possible position. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy the broadcast of its favorite programs from anywhere in the room. It is also reclining at an angle of up to 15 degrees to adjust its position according to ambient light.

Compatibility with many screen models

The Chettah Mounts TV wall holder is capable of maintaining the latest generation screens between 80 and 165 centimetres in size on a wall. It also bears a maximum load of 74 kg. Most importantly, it is practical and easy to install. It finds its place on a wall but also on the ceiling. In the latter case, its height is adjustable (between 71 and 114 centimetres in relation to the ceiling).

Our opinion on the Cheetah Mounts APLCMB

Solid and practical to install, this wall TV stand also benefits from an ingenious cable management system. The sleek design of a screen attached to the wall is then perfectly respected and the rendering succeeds.

5. BPS MT9010FR, the entry-level wall support

Suitable for medium- and large-sized screens, this BPS MT9010FR TV wall holder is suitable for the latest models. It consists of two parallel bars made of 2 mm steel equipped with VESA-compatible fastener holes. Fixed, it securely holds the largest and heaviest screens, and offers only a 15-degree tilt at the top and bottom.

A fixed wall support

Once installed on the wall, this wall support is fixed. Therefore, it cannot be rotated. But it offers great solidity and durability. Polished, it does not allow any friction with the screen and therefore protects it from this type of risk. It supports a load of up to 95 kg. It is also slightly reclining with a 15-degree tilt angle at the top and bottom.

A big-screen stand
Comes with its screw kit and installation instructions, it takes little time to attach it to the wall. Once in place, it is suitable for maintaining large screens and offers a tilt adjustment via a button.

Our opinion on the BPS MT9010FR

Comes with its screw kit and installation instructions, it takes little time to attach it to the wall. Once in place, it is suitable for maintaining large screens and offers a tilt adjustment via a button.

6. Simbr, the support for XXL TVs

Adjustable and steerable, the SIMBR TV wall holder is suitable for LED, LCD and plasma screens. Made of steel and offering bars 2 centimetres thick, it is robust and durable and is stronger than some of its competitors.

A tilt at plus 10 degrees or less 20 degrees
To ensure good image quality, even in the presence of special light conditions, the TV SIMBR wall holder offers a 10-degree backward and 20-degree forward tilt. It also allows you to orient the screen horizontally on about 180 degrees in order to enjoy perfect quality from any point in the room. It attaches to a distance from the wall so as not to crush the wires and cables essential to the TV.

International compatibility

Designed for all recent screens, the SIMBR is capable of hosting TVs ranging in size from 32 to 70 inches. Compatible with the VESA standard, it offers fastening holes designed for international brands. It is also designed to support a load of 60 kg. On the installation side, everything is planned to make it easier to install. This wall holder has a built-in panel that limits the steps it takes to attach it to the wall and ensures its solidity.

Our opinion on the Simbr

Designed to last, this SIMBR TV wall holder is suitable for most newer screens. It allows it to be attached to the wall while offering possibilities for tilting and rotating. This then allows the user to enjoy the best possible image quality.

7. VidaXL, the cheap XXL support

The TV stand is ideal for placing your flat screen on a wall and getting rid of the clutter of dedicated furniture. It offers good support for TVs or computer screens, and tilts down to enjoy optimal image quality.

A 15-degree incline

When the mood is too bright, it is sometimes difficult to take full advantage of the image quality of your TV. That's why the VidaXL TV wall holder offers a possible 15-degree downward tilt. It is then enough to better position it to eliminate the parasitic reflections due to the sun.

Support for most screens

The VidaXL is designed to accommodate screens ranging in size from 32 inches to 70 inches, or between 81 and 179 centimeters diagonally. Installed about 65 centimetres from the wall, it is discreet and hides the cables and wires of the screen. VESA-compatible, it welcomes all recent models themselves with this standard. Their installation is then facilitated and requires only a few screws. It finally supports a load of up to 90 kg.

Our opinion on the VidaXL

Equipped with its bubble level, the VidaXL TV wall holder installs easily and securely holds the screen that is then placed there. It is suitable for all newer models with VESA standard and a size between 32 and 70 inches. On the price side, it ranks as one of the cheapest models.

8. TV KIMEX articulated 23'' - 55'', a TV support all-rounder

Orientable and articulated, the Kimex TV wall support is designed to support televisions and screens between 23 and 55 inches in size, and compatible with VESA. It also has a clever cable storage system. The latter then find their place along the holding arms.

A steerable double-arm system

Thanks to its two-arm steerable system, the Kimex wall support offers a possible 120-degree orientation. But it is also tilted by 5 and -15 degrees to adjust to any light condition. On the installation side, it offers a gap of just over 5 centimetres between the wall and the back of the TV to provide as discreet a rendering as possible. But this distance can also reach 51 centimetres when unfolded to the maximum.

Support for all screens

Compatible with the VESA fixing standard currently found on most recent screens, it is easily installed on the wall. The installation of the television is then just as easy. It supports up to 45 kg of load and installs itself on any type of support thanks to its extra-large fastening system. It can then accommodate screens between 23 and 55 inches in size.

Our opinion on the KIMEX articulated 23'' - 55'

Modern and robust, this Kimex TV wall holder meets the needs of any user. Compatible with recent screens of a size of 23 to 55 inches, it is both reclining and swivelling.

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