Limit the environmental impact of your air conditioner

September 05, 2019

Every summer, the temperature rises a little more, and it becomes hard to bear. For your home or workplace, you're thinking of installing an air conditioner to have a better summer. And we're not going to lie, air conditioning is an ecological scourge because of its electricity consumption, the release of hot air outside and sometimes even the generation of greenhouse gases. However, there are several steps you can take to limit this impact and make the most of your air conditioning.

Opt for a mobile air conditioner

Many models of air conditioners exist today: wall air conditioner, solar, Canadian wells... But by far the least energy-intensive is the mobile air conditioner. Small device on foot or on wheels, it is also the cheapest to acquire. The model is to be chosen depending on the size of the room to cool, but it can easily be moved from room to room and does not require installation, only a window or opening to the outside to pass the drain pipe air. And of course, at the time of purchase, choose a device with a good energy class, and if possible with a technology using a less toxic gas.

Don't be too greedy

The prospect of having a low indoor temperature is tempting, but setting your air conditioner is not to be left to chance. Regardless of the outside temperature, it is estimated that only 5 degrees Celsius difference makes it possible to feel good inside. So if the weather forecasts a temperature of 31 degrees Celsius, don't set your device's thermostat to 22 degrees Celsius, you'll see that 26 degrees Celsius will look quite bearable. And yes, from an energy consumption point of view, every degree counts. In addition, too much difference can affect your health (summer "colds" are too familiar because of hot weather).
Get some fresh air

As soon as possible, enjoy the freshness of the outdoors and turn off your air conditioner. Always keep a thermometer visible outside in the shade, and at the end of the day, when the weather cools down, open several windows to create a fresh stream of air in the room. Above all, do not let the device work at that time. Same thing at night: enjoy the cool night. Not only will you sleep better (the air conditioners are always a bit noisy), but you'll also save a lot of energy. And if you're concerned about mosquitoes, put mosquito nets in your windows.

Maintain your air conditioner

Whether fixed or mobile, the air conditioner is a machine that constantly brews air. And of course, it ends up accumulating dust. Remember to clean the filter regularly to avoid increasing the consumption of the device. And when you want to get rid of it, consider getting it back to the wind point where you bought it: mobile air conditioner technology uses gases and environmental toxics.

Help your air conditioner

Other gestures and fittings help maintain a pleasant temperature in your home and thus limit the use of an air conditioner:
Limit your windows from the sun with blinds or other sun breaks
Isolate your attic (you'll also be glad you did it during the winter)
Consider insulating your exterior fa├žade or applying an insulating light
Calculate the power required for your air conditioner: 100 W per sq m, 100 W per person,
50 W per electrical appliance and 400 W for exposure to the south (compared to 100 in the north).

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